Video of the Week.

This week our beach has been full of people.  The waves have been amazing and the surfers have come out in force.  Riaz has recently started surfing so we have been going out around high tide so that Riaz can get in some practice and so we can watch the 14-year old surfers that can do the most amazing things on a wave.

Until recently, Aiman has been a little wary of the ocean.  The last few weeks, though, he has seemed to figure out the way waves work and has been spending hours running in and out of the waves, loving every second of it (and then sleeping for 13 hours a night, which we LOVE).  He is normally very good at gauging when and where a wave is going to break and jumping into it at just the right moment so he can keep his feet.

Unfortunately, even our little water baby has off days.

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2 Responses to Video of the Week.

  1. Naz says:

    Aiman this is a lesson to you – never turn your back on the ocean! haha

  2. Bobby Hacker says:

    He just loves getting knocked about! of course, his name does mean “fearless” right?

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