Pregnancy Watch – Week 23 and Why We Actually Should Not Be Allowed to Have Anymore Children

This week has been boooo-ring on the pregnancy front.  Which, I suppose, is a good thing, but it doesn’t make for a very entertaining blog.  I feel good, baby is moving, I still crave sweets like a fish craves water, etc., etc., etc.

Since I have nothing pregnancy-related of note to report this week, today I thought I’d focus on why Riaz and I are unfit parents and should probably not procreate anymore.

What is alarming about this photo is not the nice cut under Aiman’s eye.

Nor is it the fact that when he got said cut he apparently hit himself hard enough to give himself a little bit of a black eye.

No, what is distressing about these photos is that Aiman hurt himself while Riaz and I were sitting in the living room watching him play and yet neither of us can figure out at what point during the 5 minutes Aiman will tolerate independent indoor play he injured himself or how he managed to bash himself in the face.

Riaz and I clearly need to work on our observational skills if we are going to have two of these little monsters to keep track of.

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3 Responses to Pregnancy Watch – Week 23 and Why We Actually Should Not Be Allowed to Have Anymore Children

  1. CC says:

    If you didn’t notice then Aiman obviously didn’t think it was painful enough to scream and let you know about it. If that is his first black eye since learning to walk you both are doing a pretty good job.

  2. Naz says:

    Don’t stress…mum left me on the kitchen table for something like 2 seconds only to turn around as I hit the floor…I was less than 12 months old!!

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