Manipulation Thy Name is Puppy

I have decided that I should no longer allow Riaz to go into town alone.

On Tuesday, Riaz rode into Montezuma to pick up some groceries.  It’s about a 30-minute roundtrip bike ride.  Riaz came home 4 hours later.  He told me he ran into this person and that person and had to stop and chat for awhile to some other person … yadda yadda yadda.  Par for the course.

On Wednesday morning, at about 9:30 a.m., we heard our doorbell ring.  Our neighbors are actually really friendly and sociable so I thought someone was just dropping by some baked goods or ripe fruit or something.  But no … this is what turned up.

Jorge, with 3 of his 5-week old bull terriers.

Apparently Riaz had run into Jorge and his puppies while he was in town and told Jorge to bring them around so that I could be accosted by their cuteness and give in to buying one.  Riaz, of course, never mentioned Jorge or his puppies until they turned up on our doorstep, claiming he “forgot.”  Likely story.

Look, I’m not made of stone people.  These puppies are cute, and there is one particular little girl puppy with little spots on her ears that makes my heart go pitter-pat.  But puppies turn to dogs, bull terrier dogs at that, which are (apologies to all the bull terrier owners out there) kind of scary looking dogs.

My brain is telling me I don’t want a fully grown bull terrier, but my heart is telling me …. PUPPIES!

I need help.

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6 Responses to Manipulation Thy Name is Puppy

  1. Lori says:

    Aw, take the puppy! You will love him/her forever!! 🙂
    (what can I say? I’m a sucker for dogs)

  2. Mom says:

    DON’T DO IT!! Think of the boarding costs, etc., and flying, etc., and feeding them, etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.

  3. Mom says:

    And one other thing, Jim says you’d have to quarantine them when you come back to the states. Think how distressful that would be. (Am I helping?)

  4. Naz says:

    Im screaming a BIG HELL NO!! Though my opinion would count for nothing as I am not a dog person but also because of all the things your mum said…to hard basket! Plus as an adult dog they are not too ‘pretty’ bordering on ugly!

  5. Brendon says:

    Don’t take those ones! See if there are any dogs like Monster and Squash? They’ll always look like puppies and always be cute.

  6. {oc cottage} says:

    oh, that man of yours does not play fair! they are too cute to resist!

    m ^..^

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