Pregnancy Watch – Week 20

Say it with me now … half way done!  half way done!  half way done!

I am so excited for what comes at the end of pregnancy, but I am not a fan of being pregnant so hitting the halfway mark feels pretty awesome.

This week was pretty eventful.  The kiddo has been moving around a ton and gets particularly active when Aiman is resting on my tummy.  I can’t tell if he/she likes it or is annoyed, but it’s cute either way.

Since we were roadtripping it this week, I’ve definitely been more tired than usual, but I don’t really think that is pregnancy related.  I did catch some kind of nasty Costa Rican jungle cold, that feels more like the flu than the common cold, which – in a word – sucks.  I’m in the thick of it right now and actually spent most of today in bed (it’s 4:00 and I’m just now really moving around).  I hope it doesn’t last too long, but I’m not holding my breath.

The big excitement of the week though was meeting with Costa Rican Baby Doc for the first time.  He’s awesome.  I feel so lucky that we found him.  He speaks perfect English, is pretty laid back and is a total natural birth advocate (Costa Rica has a VERY high cesarean rate – higher even than the U.S. I think – so I wanted someone not that into medical interventions).

Anyway, the appointment was not like anything in the states.  He didn’t have a nurse and took my history (himself) on his computer rather than have me fill out a bunch of forms.  He did do an ultrasound and Riaz and I caved and decided to find out the sex of the baby …. the result ….





I know!  Major let down right!  The baby is currently in breach position and at my appointment it was basically sitting cross-legged and the doc just couldn’t get the shot.  He had me move around and do all kinds of crazy calisthenics, but he just couldn’t be 100% sure of what it was.  He did say that he had a pretty good idea and gave us his opinion, but since there was no certainty, I’ll probably wait to share here until the next appointment (in February!)

So that was it.  Pretty good week all in all and I feel totally relieved that I have finally met and really like our doctor.

Now excuse me, I’m going to take my gatorade and get back into bed.

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