Riaz and I love to entertain.  Since we moved into our small apartment in Marina Del Rey about a year ago, we haven’t had much of an opportunity because we just didn’t have the room to put anyone, plus I hated that apartment and I didn’t want to subject anyone else to it.

The other day at Riaz’s first surf lesson we met three awesome girls from Britain.  We saw them again on Thursday at Riaz’s second surf lesson (more on the surf to come) and then randomly ran into them at dinner that night.

We invited them over tonight for dinner and some beach clean-up (Costa Ricans take their beaches very seriously and we’re trying to fit in!)  We had a great time and ate some seriously delicious bar-b-que (quick tip – lobster on the open flame = to die for).  But, now it is 11:00 p.m. – approximately 3 hours past my bedtime and I’m feeling guilty for only blogging once this week.

So, I’m using this as a placeholder.  To come when I’ve had some sleep:  Riaz’s surf lessons; lobster on the barbie tutorial; and British girls swooning over Aiman.

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