Video of the Week

Aiman has a few addictions.  Like any addiction, Aiman loses complete control when he is around the object of his affection.  His first addiction is the annoying cat that lives in our loft.  Whenever Aiman sees her he forgets every rule of the house and chases after her at top speed to wherever it is she happens to be going, which is usually outside where the giant spiders and scorpions live.  It’s not my favorite.

His second addiction is puddles.  He loves puddles more than anything in the world.  When he sees a puddle he forgets whatever it was he was doing and goes straight for it.  Riaz and/or I usually need to either pick him up or give him some gentle nudging in the form of a little ear pull to get him going in the direction we want … i.e. away from the dirty puddle.

However, the other day, when Riaz was out alone with Aiman, Riaz let the little rascal indulge in his addiction and this was the result:

He may be too far gone now for an intervention.

Puddles … like crack … only wetter.

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One Response to Video of the Week

  1. EllenG says:

    EEEW! HATE mud!
    Glad he’s happy!

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