Growing up in Alaska, I spent a lot of time around rivers.  I have a very clear memory of once climbing into the coldest river imaginable with one of my friends, grabbing onto a rock and playing chicken to see who could stay in the water the longest.

It’s a wonder I have all my extremities, I’m sure I was near hypothermia.

Now, Aiman gets to relive my childhood memories, except this time the rivers are in Costa Rica and the water is luke warm, rather than barely above freezing.  I’d say the kid has the better end of the deal, but he won’t have my uncanny ability to withstand freezing temperatures, something that will serve me well …. someday.

About a 15 minute walk from our house is this really gorgeous river.  The bed of the river is made up of this smooth river rock and the water is crystal clear and that caribbean blue color in some places.  It pools up in two places near the ocean to form natural swimming holes and the locals (and touristas!) love it.

We took Aiman down there on Saturday, the day was cloudy (but still hot) and I still have yet to take out my good camera (sorry mom!), so the picture quality is a little subpar, but you can still get the idea.

We will definitely be spending a lot of time here in the height of the summer.  I’m melting now and technically it is still the rainy season and therefore “cold.”  I’m trying not to think about being 8 months pregnant in 90 degree weather with 85% humidity.  What was I thinking coming here again?  The Swiss Alps are sounding like a pretty good alternative right about now.

The river.

Checkin it out.

Not so sure.

Splashing is AWESOME!


Appreciating his natural surroundings.  Alternatively titled … feeling pensive.

Gah … just love (alternatively titled … how to turn Kristina’s heart to mush).

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4 Responses to River

  1. Mom says:

    I’m so glad to see you overcame your technical difficulties. Love the photos, and the videos are great. 🙂

  2. Naz says:

    Aiman you are breaking my heart!!
    Riaz and Kristina you are also breaking my heart – living the dream, wish I was there!!

  3. Mom says:

    Kristina, when is a good time for us to call you on the webcam? We need to talk about our vacation. 🙂

  4. Melissa says:

    Wow that video was adorable. 🙂 watching Aiman’s little legs walking over the rocks was so cute!! and yes he is just to die for. 🙂

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