Technical Difficulties

When we moved out here I was a little concerned about our internet access situation.  I can live without T.V. (sorta), but I CANNOT live without the internet.

Thankfully, when we got out here, I realized that we had a reasonably fast DSL connection and miracle of miracles, I was able to set up my wireless router (something I was never able to figure out back in the states) and now we have internet capabilities all over the house.

But I was not satisfied!  Oh no dear interwebs … I was not satisfied.  Because we are in Costa Rica, I can’t stream content from certain U.S. sites.  So, I can’t get Pandora out here (which Riaz and I literally listened to all day every day back in the states) and (and this goes against my previous “live without T.V.” comment) we can’t stream U.S. shows on Hulu or other similar sites.

This was not a problem when we still had some Dexter episodes to watch in the evenings, but we finished those the other night and I was at a little bit of a loss.  Aiman goes to bed at 7, Riaz and I need something to do between 7 and 8 (which is Riaz and my bedtime – we’re cool).

So I figured out how to get a (totally legal – I swear) proxy server so that I “appeared” to be in the U.S. and could stream my shows and music.  Success!  It worked and last night Riaz and I caught up on some Fringe.  It was awesome.

However, somewhere in the process, I seem to have screwed up my computer and now wordpress won’t let me download pictures.  I realized that this evening when I had a whole post written and could not insert any of my adorable Aiman pictures.

I am really making an effort to blog Monday thru Friday … so … this is my blog post.  No pictures, just first world complaints in this second world country about my inability to stream Glee and post pictures at the same time!  Whoa is me!

I’ll get this figured out by tomorrow and you will be back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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One Response to Technical Difficulties

  1. SHIREEN says:

    Keep it coming, we are living vacariously through you guys. So loving the blogs.
    Love from good old Perthonians.

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