Video of the Week

I’m going to try to post my favorite video/photo of the week every Sunday.

Every time I set a blog-type goal like this for myself, I always end up failing miserably. Since I have nothing better to do with my time, I’d like to hope I can keep this up, but check back next Sunday and we’ll see if having nothing to do actually gets me to do something on a regular basis.

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3 Responses to Video of the Week

  1. EllenG says:

    What a silly question, Riaz! ‘Why are you ignoring me?’ ‘Really, Dad, the whole world’s out here!!!’

  2. CC says:

    Boy is he growing up. Already mastered the art of ignoring the parents and not even in school yet. He is still one of the cutest little guy out there. Hope mom can stick to the new blog challenge. Remember if you have nothing to say we are always delighted with Aiman.

  3. grandpa says:

    way to go aiman, show no fear, you got a playground to die for, enjoy it while you can.riaz just make sure you keep a keen eye on the little man.

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