Friday News

All week Riaz and I have been turning to each other and asking … what day is it again? Time really has no meaning when you don’t have specific things to do each day.

However, I have been wanting to do a specific post all week but sick Aiman stories have been getting in my way (he’s doing much better by the way, his little bout with sickness has made him think he can sleep in Riaz and my bed every night, which has led to some … um … heated late night exchanges with the little rascal (and by heated I mean that Aiman screams his head off in the middle of the night while Riaz and I lay perfectly still and pretend to ignore him – why Aiman is sleeping in our room is for another post, but it has something to do with the spare room needing a complete top to bottom deep clean before any living thing can spend more than 5 minutes in there), but other than that and a little cough, he’s good as new.)

Ed. Note:  That last paragraph must be some kind of record for parentheticals inside parentheticals.  Someone call Guiness.

Anyway, since I have dedicated myself to posting at least 5 days a week and since I am at least 70% certain that today is Friday – today seems like the right day to welcome ….

Baby Number Two!

Nearly everyone who reads this blog already knows that we are expecting, but since I am already 4 months in (eep – where did the time go!), it seems like I should make the formal announcement. So Baby Number Two, consider yourself formally announced.

When I found out I was pregnant I started drafting short posts every week so that I could (1) remember what was happening every week since I have totally forgotten what it was like to be pregnant with Aiman (except for that I am sure I didn’t feel as miserable with him as I do with this little bugger) and 2) so that I would have a bunch of pre-written posts that I could fill my blog with.   Given that I am the most lazy person on the planet and my whole world just changed in the last few months, it should come as no surprise that I only made it to week 8, then I stopped, or forgot, or whatever.   Point of the story, there are no pre-written posts to share, so I am just going to start with my weekly pregnancy updates next week.  So keep a look out for post with more information about how miserable this little stinker is making me in the very near future.

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One Response to Friday News

  1. OMG!!! Congrats…Congrats!! So exciting for Aiman to have a little sibling 🙂 I enjoy reading all of your updates…and so glad to hear that Aiman is feeling better!

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