Around the House

About 3 minutes from our house is a great little beach.  There is a rainwater stream that feeds into the ocean that is just gorgeous.

Where the stream meets the ocean there is this large rocky outcrop that the locals fish off of.  You can catch salmon, perch and a bunch of other stuff I don’t know the name of.  Riaz and I will be trying our hand at the fishing as soon as I can learn enough Spanish to get the guys who fish up there to help a sister out!  I’ve never fished off a big rock before.

The other day, we took Aiman up there to get a look around, the formation of the rock literally makes it look like you are on another planet, Aiman loved it.

Side note – we took this video with our sort of crappy point and shoot digital camera.  I think it came out awesome considering the electronics we were working with!

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