Aiman’s fever came back last night and we were all pretty miserable.  It was not nearly as bad as the night before, so we dosed him up with some children’s advil and tried to get some sleep.  This morning, we decided we should take him to the local clinica, just in case.  We called our trusty Tito, the best guy in the world, and he arranged for a cab to pick us up and take us into Cobano.

Of course, Aiman’s fever was gone by the time we got to the clinic, but we wanted to make sure nothing was wrong with the kiddo, so we stuck around.  It was a bit of a comedy of errors what with the language barrier and everything, but we muddled through.  The doctor spoke perfect English so we explained what had been going on.  He told us that it was nothing serious (i.e. no dengue), but that he wanted to run lab work to see if what Aiman had was viral or bacterial.

The lab was in the building so Aiman had some blood drawn and the results were in about an hour later.  Viral.  We got the usual doctor’s orders, lots of fluids, acetaminophen for the fever and it should be better in 4-7 days, if not, come back.

The whole process took about 3 hours but get this … guess how much it all cost … go ahead … guess … 1 meeting with a nurse, 2 meetings with the doctor, 1 meeting with a lab technician, blood work, and prescription acetaminophen = FREE.   Yes, FREE.  There are times I really hate the U.S.

Anyway, I guess there is also a private clinic in Cobano and we would have been in and out in less than an hour and everyone (not just the doctors) speak English and apparently that is where Tito told our cab driver to take us but whatever, we had the more authentic Costa Rican experience and since Aiman is fine and we got the care we needed I’m happy for the FREE Costa Rican public health care system.

Aiman making friends (and sweeping the floors) at the clinica

Aiman’s new friends trying to find a way to escape the menace that is Aiman

And one that just cracks me up.  That face!  He makes that face all the time lately.  It’s awesome.

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