For the past 7 or so years, I had a pretty consistent routine.  I’d wake up, grab the blackberry off the side table and scroll through the messages.  If there was an email from a partner/senior associate/client, I’d get a knot in my stomach, waiting to see if I had done something wrong, or if I should have checked my emails last night at 11, rather than 10 because there was a late night crisis.  Usually, the emails were benign.  Sometimes they shot me out of bed and into the office in 10 minutes.

No matter what the blackberry held on its evil little screen, I’d usually still jump out of bed, slightly off kilter and already a little stressed to get ready for the day.  I’m not much of a preener, so I was usually on my way in under 30 minutes.  Some days at work were exactly the same, some were wildly different, inconsistency is really the only consistency when your work is dictated by someone else’s needs.

But, it was my routine, and I was used to it.  I usually didn’t really like it all that much — starting off the day in a fog of stress is not my idea of a great time, but I did it, day in and day out.

When I first left work, it took probably 3 or 4 days to stop trying to check my blackberry in the morning.  I even felt some stress the morning of a big hearing in one of my old cases.  I actually went back and checked the docket a few days after the hearing to make sure we had won.  I needed to know.  I guess old habits die hard, but it is amazing how quickly routines can change.  We’ve been here for less than a week and we’ve already established a new routine (and I haven’t tried to check my non-existent blackberry once!)

Since we are so close to the equator down here, we essentially have the same amount of daylight everyday.  The sun rises at about 5:30 a.m and sets at about 5:30 p.m..  We usually get up with the sun at 5:30 or 6, stretch our legs, make coffee and cut up some fruit for our pre-breakfast, breakfast.

We’re bad parents so we usually plop Aiman down in front of Baby Signing Times (note to parents – these are the best videos ever – I’m going to do a separate post about them, but Aiman has probably 20 signs and even before he could talk he would just sign to us what he wanted – Totally Awesome!).  As you can see, Riaz likes it too, he has nearly as many signs as Aiman.

Most mornings I put in a load of wash, Riaz sweeps the floor of any bugs or dirt the critters who seem to come into our house every night tracked in (its an open air house – it requires work) and I put together some breakfast.

After that, its time for a walk before Aiman tears the house apart.  We’re home by 11 for his nap, and Riaz and I usually do work on Bula Balls (coming soon to an web-based store near you!), check emails and (usually) sweep the floor again.  Sweeping is seriously a full time job.

Aiman is up by 1 or 2 and it is time for lunch and usually another walk.  We have to run that kid like a pony or every piece of furniture in this house would be reduced to rubble.

I make dinner and we usually eat by 5 or 6.  Then it’s a bath for Aiman, an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba (don’t judge – the kid loves it), and off to bed by 7.  Riaz sweeps the floor (again) and we tidy up.

After that, Riaz and I watch a Dexter on iTunes (I don’t know what we’ll do when we get through those!  I love me some Dexter) and we’re in bed by 8:30 or 9.

There are a whole series of things we have to do before bed to make sure all our food and garbage are not attacked by raccoons while we sleep – I hate those filthy creatures – but it usually takes all of 3 minutes.

So that’s it.  My new routine.  My days are still dictated by someone else’s needs – Aiman is more demanding that a CEO.  And there are quite a few things that we need to do daily to live out here in the jungle (SWEEP!  HIDE THINGS FROM THE RACCOONS!  INHALE BUG SPRAY!), but it is a pretty neat break from the stress of a real job … though I guess I’ll probably want one of those again eventually.  I can’t really say when that day will come.  2 – 20 years seems reasonable … right …

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