All my bags are packed ….

Well, not literally.  I haven’t packed any bags to date.  But, Friday, I gave my two weeks notice at work.

On November 3, the family and I will be making our way down to Costa Rica where we will be spending the next six months.  SIX MONTHS.

We’ve scrimped and saved for the last 12 months thinking that we may do something … we didn’t really know what the something would be at first, but at a certain point the opportunity to move to Costa Rica presented itself and we took it.  So, we’re moving to Costa Rica for the next SIX MONTHS!

We don’t have much of a plan for when we get there, or much of a plan for when we get back, but we are going to live in a beautiful house, across the street from the beach, we will practice our Spanish and our Costa Rican cooking and just do some livin.  L.I.V.I.N.

I can’t wait.  Seriously.  CAN’T WAIT.  I mean, crap, I am going to live in Costa Rica for six months with my husband and my kiddo!  What could be better than that?

Oy.  So that’s it.  In about a month we will be making out way to Denver to spend a few days with my sister, then we will fly down to San Jose via Houston.  We’ve got a bit of a hike to get to Montezuma, where our home base will be, but then we will be there.  In COSTA RICA, with nothing to do but RELAX and EAT and get TAN.

Who wants to visit us first.

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3 Responses to All my bags are packed ….

  1. That looks heavenly! I lived abroad for different periods before I had kids, and I’ve someones thought how nice it would be to do that again… what a great experience for your little one as well!

  2. panda says:

    AMAZEBALLS!! Costa Rica pura vida!!! Went a few years ago and LOVED IT! The roads can be a bit bumpy, so bring some dramamine. There are stellar zip line courses in Monte Verde if you get a chance.

  3. Kristina says:

    Thanks Pands! We are so excited, and I will defintiely be brining my dramamine!

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