I know it is only 8 days into my post-a-day month.  But I may have picked the wrong month to challenge myself.  Work is busy y’all and I’m all tuckered out.  Plus, I never realized how hard it is to be grammatically correct after spending 8 hours fighting about whatever it is I happen to be fighting about on any given day.  So boo … I may be waving the white flag.  No one wants to read about how hard it is to be me everyday.  They want wit!  Sass!  Energy!  I’m not sure I’ve got it in me.

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2 Responses to Surrender

  1. Shireen Adolphus says:

    come on, what is gonna happen to us that lives vicariously through you. If you cant do it we have no hope.

  2. Naz says:

    Suck it up sister!! Work your magic and send something asap…Aiman must have grown another 2inches since your last blog!!

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