Total Recall

Aiman had a bit of a rough weekend.  He’s been teething so his little face hurts and yesterday he was running around with his bottle in his hand – not something we usually let him do, but (as I may have mentioned before) that kid is crazy quick and he got away from us.  Anyway, he was running around and tripped and his bottle split both his top and bottom lips open.  Poor kid was gushing blood.  It was traumatizing — for me.  Now he has two giant fat lips.  The poor little guy.

The point of all of this is that the kid has been in a bit of pain this weekend and we have nothing to give him to try to help him out.  Awhile back every variation of children’s Tylenol was recalled.  You can’t buy it anywhere.  I have no idea what the recall is for and I’m sure it is necessary, but – man – I could really use some Tylenol right now.  We tried the store brand fake-Tylenol, but Aiman hates it!  HATES IT!  He doesn’t really mind the Tylenol, he usually opens up for the little medicine dropper and he actually seems to like the taste.  Not so with the fake-Tylenol, now he screams when he sees the medicine dropper coming and just spits the stuff up.  Ugh.  Never thought I would be so dependent on children’s Tylenol, but when your kid is gnawing on his fist from the pain of teething and has blood pouring out of his mouth from two split lips, whatever the recall is about doesn’t seem all that bad.  Come back Tylenol!!  We need you.

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One Response to Total Recall

  1. Melissa says:

    Awww poor little guy! Hope he starts to feel better soon.

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