Aiman’s First Birthday!

Aiman’s first birthday was fabulous.  Nothing crazy or over-the-top, just yummy food, friends and a giant park for the kiddies to run around in (we actually only have a couple of friends with kids, so it was really just a bunch of adults hanging around a kid’s park, but I’m sure no one thought we were weird pedophiles).  Anyway …. we did all the things people do at parties …


Chatting and Eating

Snuggling cute new babies (and listening to my biological clock beating against my skull – isn’t that supposed to stop once you have a kid!?!?)

Breaking noses

Flying yoga with the resident Kiwi

You know … the usual first birthday party fare.

Aiman was awesome the whole day.   He wasn’t so sure about his cupcake after he grabbed the lit candle as soon as we set it down on the table (that kid is ridiculously fast), but he got into it after the initial shock wore off.

Step away from the cupcake daddy!

I got a bunch of really cute shots of the little guy running around.

Seriously … I’m not just saying this because I am a completely biased mom, but this kid should be a model.  Have you ever seen anything so beautiful!?

I put out a pretty awesome spread (if I do say so myself).  I made 4 kinds of sandwiches – roasted chicken with homemade pesto and mozzarella, turkey/bacon/guacamole (a crowd favorite), roast beef with hot mustard and a roasted veggie sandwich.  I also made 3 side salads which was WAY to much, but I live in constant fear that I will throw a party without enough food, so I always go overboard.  The best was this really delicious (and cheap) bean salad.  I’m going to post the recipe, but I need to conserve my posting ideas!  I’ve still got 27 days to go – check back this weekend.  I also made cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Maybe a little boring, but good nonetheless.

It was really a perfect day.  The weather cooperated, Aiman seemed to have a great time and it was really special that so many of our friends came out to spend the day with us (cue sappy music here).  We could not have asked for a better day … And it only took me 5 weeks to post about it.  A record!

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One Response to Aiman’s First Birthday!

  1. Naz says:

    hi baby Aiman,
    i was soooo sad not to be there for your first birthday but i am very grateful to your mummy for this blog, as we get to see you via screen. you are growing up so fast, its hard to believe i was hanging out with you a few months ago!! anyway i hope you had a great day with your little/big friends…i look forward in spending your next birthday with you! tell mummy/daddy to move to Perth ASAP!! hint, hint..

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