Day One

OMG you guys, I think I’ve got stage-fright or something.  Now that I’ve committed to blogging everyday, I can’t seem to find the words to put together an entire post.  All I’ve got is a big list of things I want to blog about.   That list is going to be interesting to no one but me.  But, since there are only about six of you out there that actually read this blog and you are all family and therefore legally obligated to read my posts and tell me how astoundingly awesome I am (I’m looking in your direction mom), I am going to do my list of things to blog about this month.  Man – I’m cool.

1.  Since the Strawberry Jammy Jam incident I have gone completely off the deep end and made pickles, raspberry jam, apricot preserves, pickled beets and canned diced tomatoes.  This will be a ranging discussion about how I am totally out of my mind.

2.  Aiman’s first birthday.  He was cute, our friends our awesome, lots of pictures.  The End.

3.  Scones.  People, I am making scones pretty much every weekend.  Something has gone horribly awry with our stove and I burned a lovely batch of raspberry vanilla scones this weekend (which I am still eating because I’m gross) but overall my scones are the bomb with your mom and I have several variations that will make you drool.

4.  Sabbaticals.  Why do professors get them and I don’t?  I definitely work harder than they do.  I call shenanigans.

5.  Aiman’s athletic prowess.  The kids got skills, he’s either going to be a soccer player, a mountain climber or a sprinter.  I haven’t decided which, but I probably won’t live to see that day because I have mini-heart attacks on a regular basis watching that kid get into exceedingly precarious predicaments in a supernaturally quick period of time.

6.  Almond milk.  Riaz likes to feed it to Aiman, I’ve been making it but have not mastered the recipe (its too pulpy).  Thoughts?

7.  Speaking of almond milk, I use the leftover pulp to make these shortbread cookies that are so good your face will melt off.  I call them “Face Melting Shortbread Cookies.”  They are heaven.

How may days are there in June …. crap.

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One Response to Day One

  1. Shireen Adolphus says:

    I love your post and marvel at how talented you are. Riaz has really won the lotto with you. Time for another one though i think, so that you can ahve the same joys Aunty Moerieda had with 2 boys that are equal dare devils. LOL my hat of 2 you, oh yeh say hi to Riaz as well, see you guys soon.

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