A friend of mine from high school recently passed away.  We hadn’t talked in a few years – we’d had a bit of a falling out.  Nothing serious, our lives had just gone in different directions and we didn’t have much to talk about anymore.  Last time we talked I think I got off the phone feeling irritated that she wasn’t more excited about my wedding.  I guess I always thought that she would call me up sometime, I would laugh at some goofy thing she said and we’d pick up where we left off.  I’d like to say that losing her will make me reevaluate my life and appreciate my friends more, but I would never be so lame to write-up a clichéd ending like that.  And anyway, its not true.  I’m just sad.  I wish I could talk to her again.  I feel guilty that I didn’t invite her to my wedding because I was selfish and mean.  My heart is broken for her parents who I love.  I miss her even though I haven’t talked to her in years.

Megan was blonde, she was cute, she giggled at everything even if it wasn’t funny, she said “shoot-skies” and “fudge” instead of cursing and she made the best Caesar salad in the world.

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2 Responses to Megan

  1. Shireen Adolphus says:

    Sorry for your loss, that is life is’nt it. Some people we hang onto and some just drift away from us. xoxoxo

  2. GRANDPA & GRANDMA says:

    sorry to hear about the passing of your friend,i can understand your grief at the moment, but you dont have to beatup on yourself,things happen through the journey of life and sometimes it can be very cruel,especially when it catch you when you least expect it. just say a prayer for your friend and remember her for the nice person she was and all the good things about her.take care

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