I Hate L.A.: Part 6,762,475

I hate to sound like a broken record, but L.A. is THE.WORST.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  L.A. is just not a place where humans should live.  It’s hot, its crowded, its full of actors, and the porn industry … and its hot … and its crowded.  Ugh, its just a horrible place.

Because I’m nothing if not a font of positive energy (note sarcasm here) I have been trying to find the good in this place (its only taken me 7 years – I’m a late bloomer).  So … Riaz and I have been taking little day trips out to different places in L.A. that I’ve heard are pretty nice and not all that L.A.-like.  Enter the Huntington Botanical Gardens out in San Marino.   The family made the trip out to the Gardens a few months ago (I’m running a little behind on the blogging), and it was really pretty cool.

After we got there and drank our necessary very large coffees, we made our way to the Japanese Zen Garden.

Totally zen-like right?  Don’t you feel like mediating meditating (Thanks Mom!)?

After the Zen Garden, we made our way to the Chinese garden, which was partially under construction so not super peaceful, but still pretty cool.

In abstract.

Another bridge.

We wandered around a bit and  let Aiman check things out.

Then we made our way to the cactus garden, which was definitely the coolest thing about the trip.  Doesn’t it look like another world?

Well, like another world except for that annoying sign in the middle of the frame.  Oh well.

After the cactus garden we decided to head home.  Love the action shot.

Aiman played in the fountain just outside of the garden.  He thought it was the best thing ever.

Huntington Gardens was pretty cool — and made L.A. a little less crappy (though we did have to get in our car and fight traffic for 45 minutes before we got home).  But all-in-all definitely a worthwhile trip.

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2 Responses to I Hate L.A.: Part 6,762,475

  1. Blue_in_AK says:

    Kristina, I think you’ve been a lawyer too long. Did you mean “meditating” instead of “mediating” under the picture of the bridge? 🙂

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