Tricks are for Kids

Hey look mom, I’m standing.



Now leave me alone while I chew on this piece of wood here.

Seriously momentous occasions around these parts.  Aiman is standing in his crib … and at the couch … and at the stove … and near the fireplace … and where ever else he feels like trying to stand but that is extremely dangerous resulting in little scrapes and knots all over the kid’s head no matter how much we chase him around the house yelling no.  NO.  NO. AIMAN MERRICK FREDERICKS. NO!  I thought this wasn’t supposed to start for another couple of months.  Baby mobility is totally overrated.  And exhausting.

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One Response to Tricks are for Kids

  1. Aunty Naz says:

    Monkey butt has coming a long way from the army crawl!!

    So glad to see him developing so well and learning new tricks!!

    Love you and miss you Aiman xx

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