Dirty Hippies

Remember how I told you how we cloth diaper* and drive a Prius.  It should come as no surprise then that we also make our own organic baby food.  Yea us!  We truly are dirty hippies.
(this is not the entire South Park episode, which is hilarious, only about 5 minutes of it – sorry if you got sucked in only to have it end right in the middle!)
* Side note:  It turns out that stay-at-home dad Riaz is less excited about the prospect of cloth diapering now that Aiman has started doing what Riaz calls “Man-Sized Poos.”  Since Man-Sized Poos have made their appearance the stash of cloth diapers has found their way to the bottom drawer of the changing table and are rarely ever used.  Anyone want to buy them … very lightly used?
I have found that with the exception of  baby cereal – which comes out looking and tasting exactly like paste when I make it – preparing your own baby food is surprisingly easy.  All you need is a pot, a steamer, ice cube trays and water.  Some kind of food processor really helps too, but when I first started I just mashed Aiman’s food with a fork and it worked just fine.
Right now Aiman is eating sweet potatoes, butternut squash, green beans, peas, pears, apples, mangoes, bananas and avocado.  He is also eating an organic rice cereal we get at Whole Foods, which also looks and tastes exactly like paste, but Aiman seems to like it so I guess we have a paste-eater on our hands.
Making your own baby food is so easy I don’t even think I need to describe it here. But in the interests of being thorough (and because I am a dirty hippy) I will give you the play-by-play.
For sweet potatoes, squash, green beans pears and apples (I try to buy organic for all of these things):
1)  Clean
2)  Peel  (except for the green beans – for those just snap off the ends)
3)  Dice
4)  Steam until very soft
5)  Put in food processor with a little bit of water and whizz (or just kick it old school and mash with a fork)
6)  Place processed food in ice cube trays and freeze
7)  Pop out frozen food cubes, de-thaw and enjoy!
*  The little guy is actually eating oatmeal here but how can you deny the cuteness of this photo?
Peas (I use frozen organic peas):
1)  Boil
2)  Puree
3)  Freeze
4)  Eat.
Mangoes, bananas and avodaco:
1)  Peel
2)  Mash
3)  Eat
It’s as easy as that!  And look how pretty it is:
Now go forth and make baby food!
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