6 Months Old!


You are six months old!  What can I say about the last two months?  You have just become so much fun to be around!  You are talking, laughing, sitting, rolling, playing with your toys and eating lots of different foods (currently you like all things orange – butternut squash, sweet potatos and carrots – oh my!)  You love taking baths, going for walks and hanging out with new people.  The only thing you hate is sitting still!

You go for walks with your dad when I am at work and he tells me that everywhere he goes people comment on how cute and sweet and smiley you are.  You have become such a charmer!

You have been teething the last few months, which I can tell is painful, but you seem to be handling it as well as can be expected.  You already have two teeth and two more are very close to popping out.  I can’t wait until those little teeth make their appearance!

I am so excited to see what the next two months will bring.  You are so close to crawling and, even though you are going to be hard to keep up with, I can’t wait for you to be moving around.  I know it will make you happy to be able to explore the rest of the house.  You keep showing what a special, smart, curious and happy little guy you are going to be and your dad and I can’t believe how lucky we got having such a wonderful person as our son.

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3 Responses to 6 Months Old!

  1. Blue_in_AK says:

    Kristina, that was simply wonderful! I had no idea you were so creative and talented. These boys bring out the best in you. 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    AWWW he’s such a cutie!! And I am so honored to be in his 6-month birthday montage!! 🙂

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