A Few of His Favorite Things …

I read a number of different mom blogs and sooner or later they all do a list of things that they love for their babies.  I have a LONG list, but I thought I would do them one at a time when I have cute pictures of the little guy to share.  For today’s installment, we have Baby Legs! I bought my pairs of Baby Legs on sale before I knew whether Aiman was a boy or a girl, so his are a touch on the feminine side.  Truth be told, Baby Legs are little more than glorified leg warmers for kids, so they kind of have girlishness built in, but I don’t care!  Baby Legs are the best, they keep his legs warm, they are cute,  I don’t have to take his pants on and off every time I need to change his diaper and – the best part – it is literally impossible not to sing songs from Flashdance whenever he is in them.  And Flashdance really just makes life worth living.

He’s a maniac …


Maniac ….


On the flooooor …


And he’s dancin’ like he’s never danced befoooore …


Note to teenage Aiman:  For this, I totally deserve whatever teenage angst you throw at me.  I am a bad parent for broadcasting these pictures to the world.  I can’t help myself! You will appreciate them when you are older … much much older.

Note to moms of boys:  Baby Legs actually has some pretty cute, very boyish varieties, like these skeletons:


And these cute little preppy numbers:


I will probably buy these at some point, I just can’t resist!

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2 Responses to A Few of His Favorite Things …

  1. Blue_in_AK says:

    He is so-o-o-o-o-o cute, and I don’t think there will be any teenage angst over these photos. At least he’s not naked. 🙂

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