I know this is a bad time …

We make a lot of calls overseas, with Riaz’s parents in Australia and friends all over the place, we would probably spend a small fortune in long distance bills if it weren’t for our handy dandy online calling card.  We spend $20 and get something like 7 million minutes.  It is an awesome deal.  Usually the card just recharges itself, but lately we have been having issues with it and I have been having to go online and add money to the card manually so that it will work.  I know … this is all very fascinating … but I swear I have a point.   We needed to recharge the card online earlier this week and it reminded me of something that happened during my labor with Aiman that I had totally forgotten about, but that is awesome, and must be shared. 

By 8:00 at night I had been having contractions for about 24 hours and had been in active labor since about 2:00 a.m.  It hurt and I was tired.  We had finally made the decision to go to the hospital and I wanted to take one more shower before we left.  Riaz was going to finish packing the car and call his parents (in Australia) to let them know what was happening.  So … there I am … in the shower … having contractions and all of the sudden the bathroom door opens and Riaz peeks his head in.  Here is the conversation:

Riaz:  Honey?


Riaz:  Um….I know this is a bad time but …


Riaz:  The calling card won’t recharge and I need you to go online so I can call my parents.

Me:  Ummmm …. OK …. UGHHHHH!!!   ERRRGGHHH!!!  ARGHHHHH!!!  I’ll be right out. 

I proceed to “hop” out of the shower, sit down at the computer and try to recharge the card.  Of course, I can’t remember the password for the card so I actually have to go through the process of having the password sent to my email account, wait for it to arrive, log back into the site and change my password for “security” purposes.   After spending approximately 27 hours and enduring about 4 million contractions during that time, I eventually figured it out and Riaz was able to call his parents.  Success! 

At the time I was not all that amused, but now it seems pretty hilarious.  “I know this is a bad time …”  Really honey?  You think it is a “bad time.”  I vote that as the largest most awesome understatement in the history of the universe!  He’s lucky he’s such a handsome guy — I can never stay mad for long.


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One Response to I know this is a bad time …

  1. silenceandnoise says:

    This story is hilarious! I can’t beleive you actually managed to get the password. I couldn’t even remember my name during labor…

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