Parenting Advice

At Aiman’s first doctor’s appointment, the office offered us a free copy of “Your Baby’s First Year – A Gift For You From the Makers of Similac.”  Although  the book is mostly propaganda for the baby product industry – what else would you expect from the makers of Similac – there are a few choice gems of parenting advice.  One of these bits of parenting advice is so critical and so regularly overlooked that I really feel I must share it with all of you.  And I quote:

You’ll see still another reflex when you stroke the palm of your baby’s hand and watch him immediately grip your finger.  In the first few days after birth, your baby’s grasp will be so strong that it may seem he can hold his own weight – but don’t try it.  He has no control over this response and may let go suddenly.  

I’m so glad they mentioned this!  Before I read this particular section of the book, I was regularly calling out to Riaz,  “Oh look – the baby is so cute!  He is grasping my little finger … lets hang him from something!” 

And that is your public service announcement for the day.  New parents — DO NOT hang your baby from things.  You’re welcome.

Speaking of hanging babies, go check out  this blog and scroll past the pregnant ladies, you will thank me later.

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