The Weighting Game

In an effort to talk about something other than the baby who must not be named for one or more posts, I thought I would talk about the thing (besides the baby who must not be named) most near and dear to my heart — baby weight.  Ladies, lets discuss … Before I got pregnant my weight fluctuated between one weight and another weight five pounds more than that – lets be all scientific about it and call my weight “Base” and “Base +5”.  At the peak of my pregnancy I weighed Base + about 40 (eeeep!).  I am currently at Base +5, so technically I have “lost” the baby weight.  Why then, gentle readers, do my clothes still not fit.  Lets examine the evidence shall we. 

Artist’s rendition of my current body shape:












** Drawing not to scale

It is not just the massive size of my chest that is making my clothes way to tight, I still cannot put on most of my pants.  I could always put on my pants even when I was pre-pregnancy Base +5, so what has changed?  Is it the extra skin around my mid-section (by the way – just saying that makes me what to gag – extra skin!  Gross!)  Is it that the +5 is centered in two primary locations (i.e. my belly and, for some unknown reason, my thighs) rather than spread out all over my body?  Should I stop using my free time to do totally unnecessary things like sleep (and blog) – and instead do some crunches?  Or could it be that the baby who must not be named has forever changed the shape of my body and I just need to accept it and go out and buy more pants!?! 

I read on the T.V. screen in the elevator in my office (the place where I get all my news) that it costs approximately $211,000 to raise a child.  Do we think that includes the cost of a new wardrobe?

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One Response to The Weighting Game

  1. Hilary says:

    Exactly! While I’ve lost most of the baby weight, everything on my body has shifted to a new place, making my clothing look frumpy! Thankfully my loving husband says he can’t tell when I tell him how self-conscious I am of my new sagginess.

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