Santa Monica, U.S.A.

As much as I HATE Los Angeles, I really love Santa Monica.  Unlike most of L.A., Santa Monica really feels like an actual community.  I see a lot of the same people when we are out, you can actually walk places and there are all these cute neighborhoody type things to do all the time.  If my job were in Santa Monica, I would literally never leave.  

Every Thursday through the summer they do this Twilight Dance Series on the Santa Monica Pier.  The Pier is about a 15 minute walk from the house, which is great because my post-baby butt needs to do a little more exercising.  Since our stroller is currently out of commission, this Thursday we strapped the little guy into the Bjorn and headed down.  By the way, if someone could explain to me how a $700 stroller can be completely destroyed by a little bit of sand, I would be ever so grateful.


We stopped along the way for the last group shot before Riaz’s dad headed back to Australia.


Usually Riaz and I (and about 2000 other people) lay blankets out on the sand, eat snacks, hang out with friends and listen to the music playing in the background.  This week, however, we started up on the pier and enjoyed the African dance beats.  The in-laws gettin’ down …


Chillin …


Later we made our way down to the sand and met up with some friends.  Aiman stayed awake for the whole thing and he barely made a peep the whole night – he just stared at the ferris wheel, flirted with the ladies, took in the sights and was an all around good baby.  I love it when he does that!  The little guy made it all the way home, and then totally passed out.  


I love Thursday nights at the Pier.  Now that I am working, it is pretty hard to find the energy to get down there, but I am always glad when we go.  

Besides Thursdays, Sundays are my favorite day of the week.  The Santa Monica Farmer’s Market on Main Street is THE.BEST.  We go down pretty much every weekend.  This weekend Aiman decided that he would like to stay awake pretty much all night on Saturday and then rise for the day at about 7:00 a.m. (note to future Aiman:  not my favorite kiddo and I will use this against you when you are asking to borrow the car).  Anyway, we decided to just get up and head for the market early this Sunday, before we left, Aiman taste-tested the Bjorn.



The market is great, there is tons to eat, cute kids everywhere, music, weird hippies, and this Sunday … a totally random Hari Krishna parade …



(Edited to Add:  I was just looking at this post again, and I have to say that my favorite thing about that first picture is the old bicylist in the bright red biking gear.  He’s like “What?  Like you’ve never seen a krishna parade in the middle of an American city.”  This is another thing I love about Santa Monica, you can always find people of ALL shapes, sizes and ages dressing up in these crazy bike getups like they are cyclying the Tour de France or something.  Its totally unintentionally hilarious.  Who do these people think they are?)

Apparently this parade happens every year, who knew?  It was awesome!  There were three giant floats, loud krishna-type music and like a million krishnas dancing through the street with those crazy hand bell things.  Riaz was fairly non-plussed …


But Aiman and I (mostly I) thought it was totally kick ass and I am already planning for next years parade – I think Aiman would look awesome in one of those orange robes. 


After stuffing ourselves, we made our way back to the house, and Sunday morning ended pretty much the same way Thursday night did …


So there you have it – Santa Monica is really great place to live and thank the Lord it is not part of Los Angeles Unified School District which is some serious trouble.  (Fun fact: did you know that the LAUSD has its own police force!  A police force!  For the schools!  I’ve never heard of such a thing.)  Anyway, the point is, if we stay here for a while, Aiman may actually be able to get a decent education without us having to shell out a million dollars a year to send him to some private school.  That’s worth the crazy high rent all by itself!

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2 Responses to Santa Monica, U.S.A.

  1. Cecelia Rolland says:

    Dear Kristina and Riaz:
    Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful son, Aiman. I looked at all the photos and read your blog. He is truly a gift ordained from God and a treasure to the world. Take care. Best wishes, Cecelia

  2. Melissa says:

    I enjoyed reading this post…and of course the pictures were very cute. 🙂 He really does seem pretty phenomenal. I miss you sis.

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