Things I Love

Obviously I love everything about little Aiman, but there are a few, somewhat unusual, things that I love the most!  Besides his smile, which is absolutely perfect (see evidence below), here are the things I love:

The back of his head.  Weird right, but it is so cute and round and full of hair.  


His pout … this is obvious, the kid has lips for days and he likes to contort them in all sorts of adorable ways. 


The way he frowns … he furrows his little brow just like my mom and I do, besides his toes, which are exactly like mine, this is the feature that lets me know that I am his mom (that and the 31 hours of labor that I distinctly remember and which also makes me quite certain the little guy is mine).  


And finally, and this will probably surprise a lot of my readers, I love that Aiman can fly!


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One Response to Things I Love

  1. Blue_in_AK says:

    Aw, he’s so cute, Kristina. These are really sweet pictures. 🙂

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