Baby Acne

Confession time … I had horrible acne when I was a teenager, and in my early 20s, and mid-20s and late 20s.  It has finally cleared up, but my skin paid the price, I have huge pores, sun spots, scars and very low self-esteem!  So imagine my horror when a few weeks after he was born my poor son developed baby acne.  Already my bad skin genes are taking their toll!  Lets just hope he doesn’t end up with my monster nose and funky knocked knees! 

Despite the acne, he is still the most beautiful boy in history.  Witness …


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2 Responses to Baby Acne

  1. Blue_in_AK says:

    The little bumps are not uncommon, Kristina. There may be some kind of cream for them, but in any event, they’ll clear up in time.

  2. Heather says:

    Do not worry about the baby acne AT ALL. All of my kiddos got them too. You know me, I wanted to squeeze the heck out of them, but amazingly I was able to sit on my hands and let them clear up. You know what all the boys skin looks like now – perfectly clear. Even Sage, although I am sure the pre-teen thing will start happening to his skin here pretty soon. I never put any cream, just washed their faces with those super plain babywipes. I LOVE the bath and the screaming photos. Brings back fond memories… LOVE YOU!!

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