She’s Crafty

I love the Beastie Boys.  I once saw Mike D in the Whole Foods near my house and it was a religious experience.  I actually followed him around the cheese section – gawking and singing Paul Revere to myself.  It was pretty lame on my part, but I couldn’t help myself … It was MIKE D!  I am not lying when I tell you that my senior class song was No Sleep Til’ Brooklyn.  Imagine if you will a bunch of very white 17 year olds from Alaska singing …

          Ain’t no faking – your money I’m taking
          Going coast to coast – watching all the girlies shaking
          While you’re at the job working nine to five
          The Beastie Boys at the Garden – cold kickin’ it live

          No sleep ’til Brooklyn

…at the top of their lungs.  Oh man we were COOL!

But this is not a post about the Beastie Boys … nope, this is a post about my inner craft goddess (hence the title “She’s Crafty” … see how I did that …. because the Beastie Boys have a song called “She’s Crafty.”  That song is definitely about a very slutty girl, but I think my post title is extremely clever – go with it!).  I never knew my inner craft goddess existed until my pregnancy hormones caused me to begin working on the nursery and I decided that I needed to create both a wall mural and my own mobile.  I don’t even know who I am anymore.  I never used to do this kind of thing.  I will be doing a complete nursery post as soon as our glider arrives from The-Evil-Money-Sucking-Devil-Store-Babies-R-Us, but for now, I wanted to share the beauty of my hand-made mobile.  

I got the idea from Martha Stewart Weddings.  (Side Note:  I love Martha Stewart in kind of a sick way.  I think she is probably a sociopath and I cannot imagine what it much be like to work with/know her … and I also think her cooking recipes always come out tasting like cardboard, but she was convicted of insider trading and still has the balls to go on national T.V. and show us all how to create hand-tied bouquets and extremely boozy egg nog.  How can you not love that?)  

Anyway, Martha Stewart Weddings suggests making these giant tissue paper pom-poms to decorate your reception.


My thought was that I could make the pom-poms smaller and attach them to an embroidery hoop and et voila, a mobile!  (Except that I did not know that an embroidery hoop was called an embroidery hoop, so when I went into Michael’s to look for them, I said something along the lines of, “You know – those wooden ring things that you can do crafts with … you know!  Wood … Rings!”  Oh yes … I am very crafty indeed).  

So I got two different sized hoops, a bunch of green, yellow and orange tissue paper (the colors of our gender neutral room because my silly husband is adamant that we not find out the sex of the baby, which is torture for me!) and some yellow string and got to work.


1)     Stack 4 5×10 sheets of tissue paper.  Make 3/4 inch accordion folds, creasing with each fold.


2)     Fold the finished product in half to determine the midway point and then cut notches into the sides of your accordion, as shown. 


3)     Fold a 12 inch piece of floral wire (or whatever somewhat stiff but still maleable wire you have) in half and slip onto the notch.  Twist to tighten.  

4)     Cut the ends of your accordion into shapes (rounded, pointed, squiggly)


5)     Separate your tissue paper layers, pulling each one away from center.  


6)    Admire your awesome pom-pom handiwork.  


7)     Repeat to make as many pom-poms as you want.  I made them in a bunch of varying sizes to keep the mobile interesting.  

Ed. Note:  When I did this it took me a couple of tries to get it right.  I had some old tissue paper from some previous gift giving that I practiced on a few times to get the technique down.  But seriously, if I can do this, a one-handed, blind, slightly slow monkey can do it. 

STEPS FOR MOBILE: (I don’t have pictures for this because the mobile was already done by the time I decided to start blogging – its not rocket science though)

1)    Create a loop with the floral wire and thread a length of string or fishing line through the wire.  Cut off excess wire. 

2)    Tie the string or fishing line to your dowel or embroidery hoop.  Repeat with all your pom-poms.  I varied the length of the string I tied to the pom-poms so they would hang at different heights above the crib.  

3)   Tie lengths of string or fishing line (three or four) to your hoops at equal intervals for hanging.  Because I used two hoops it was extremely difficult to make the hoops look even.  I am sure there are geniuses out there who can use physics or geometry or nuclear science to do this correctly, but I just eye-balled it.  My hoops are not exactly even, but I’m over it, and the kid is not going to care.  

4)     Once you have your hoops looking as even as you care to make them, tie the three or four lengths of string in a knot and hang from the ceiling.  Our ceilings are extremely high, if you have a similar situation I highly recommend a 6’3″ husband who will climb to the top of an unsteady ladder and stand there while you say “a little to the left, now right, now move it back a little” – it works like a charm!

As you can see – I used yellow string, in retrospect I probably would have used fishing line instead so that it was cleaner, but live-and-learn.  Next time I will get it right.  In fact, I will probably be an all-around better mom to the next baby anyway – I’m just practicing on this one.  

The finished product!  Bow down to my crafting awesomeness!



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3 Responses to She’s Crafty

  1. Melissa says:

    Quite crafty indeed! what an inexpensive and creative way to decorate your soon-to-be-born child’s room! (i know i sound sarcastic, but i’m not trying to 🙂 ) Can’t wait to see more….and I don’t know if i’ve shared this before, but Clif LOVES the beastie boys as well and i’ve become acquainted with a lot of their music bc of him…he actually tried to sing Paul Revere at karaoke once, but failed miserably due to his level of alcohol consumption that night…I of course did wonderfully singing none other than “Criminal” by Fiona Apple. (greatest night ever..) back to the craftiness though, i really am thoroughly impressed. I have never made anything even close to that!

  2. Jill says:

    We definitely went to different schools together Kristina! I have three of these lovely pom-poms hanging around my apartment because I saw Martha’s suggestion online as well! God bless her. The mobile looks fab! Love it!

  3. Heather says:

    Holy crap! Who are you and what have you done with my sister?????? 😉

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